HCo Residential Stone Surfaces

(n.) the stunning outermost layer(s) of design complementing cabinets, fireplaces, walls, and more, precisely and carefully fabricated by Hansen & Company Woodworks.

What We Offer

We provide tailor-made stone countertops crafted to suit the dimensions and size of your home. Due to the size of the slabs we receive from our suppliers, we can only cater to spaces that necessitate a minimum of 45 sq ft.

Unlimited Options

With an extensive network of suppliers, we can provide you with a wide range of stone choices, catering to almost any option you desire—from quartz to granite, the possibilities are endless!


Our team will collaborate with you on-site to precisely assess and measure the space where you want exquisite stone countertops installed, ensuring that your purchase fits flawlessly.


After measuring, we input the data into our machines and fabricate all components of your upcoming countertop in-house, ensuring a swift 5-day turnaround from your initial conversation with us to enjoying your meals at your newly installed stunning countertop.

Schedule a Phone Call with our Stone Specialist Cole!

Unlock the gateway to your dream kitchen by scheduling a convenient time for a 30-minute phone call. During this personalized consultation, we’ll delve into a world of captivating stone options and competitive prices, helping you discover the perfect solution for your home.

With a vast network of trusted suppliers at our fingertips, we possess the expertise to fulfill your specific vision while ensuring a price that aligns with your comfort. We understand the importance of finding the ideal balance between quality and affordability, and our commitment to customer satisfaction drives us to deliver nothing less.

Together, let’s craft a kitchen that transcends your imagination and exceeds your expectations. Don’t hesitate—call us now and let the transformation begin!

Not sure where to start? No problem!

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