Our Services

At Hansen & Company Woodworks, we believe it just shouldn’t be so hard to build what you intend to create.

​From concept to completion, working with our team will give you valuable insights into methods, materials, and options that best fit your project’s look, feel, and budget.

We Understand


We understand that your vision can be misinterpreted by endless choices for finished features and limited budgets. Which can be frustrating when you feel like your hard work could go unnoticed, or worse, be interpreted as anything less than excellent. That’s why our team takes the time to understand how you want each and every space in your project to feel.

There are hundreds of ways to make a cabinet or architectural wall panel, but the right way for you requires someone who understands how you want it to fit, function, and feel.

We Provide Solutions

We don’t make assumptions or stick to a strict “our way or no way” approach. Instead, we provide recommended solutions to help you make your vision happen without compromising intent.

We Can Pre-Build & Store

We understand time and space are two crucial resources for every single project that there simply is not enough of. We also understand the quicker you complete your project, the sooner it becomes a revenue generator.

We pride ourselves on being as efficient and effective as possible, and that doesn’t stop at production. We like to think ahead, which is why we offer the benefits of our Prebuild & Store service to our customers.

When you finalize your custom style and finish early, we can prebuild & store your upcoming shipments in our warehouse*. There, we’re able to ship palletized units together confidently and efficiently: ensuring everything looks good, is on time or ahead of schedule, and makes for the most efficient and easy install onsite.

*Check with your HCo Representative for availability.

Not sure where to start? No problem!

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