Select your style, size, finishes, and more to create your custom island.

Start by selecting your model & size.

Some models do not come in every size option, with WeiszEra you drive the decision with selecting the options that work for you.


The Edison model offers the most size & layout options for the inventive design that doesn’t follow rules.


Available only in the Standard size, the Lincoln model offers sensible yet contemporary style for a no-nonsense design.


Bringing it back to traditional roots & values, the Roosevelt model is timeless.



Da Vinci model breaks the mold of innovation by creating masterpieces out of something as seemingly simple as an island. The only model featuring a brushed stainless base.


A pioneer & unlike any others, the Earhart model marches on its own beat with its own size and layout.



To the simplicity of philosophical logic, the Aristotle is streamline & to the point. As simple as it can get, this model is recognized for its presence.