architectural millworks

(n.) custom woodwork and metalwork built by Hansen & Company Woodworks with our line of Park Ave, Elluxe & Heirloom finishes, found in all settings.



What is Architectural Millworks?

Architectural Millworks is a unique and bold statement piece that combines affordability, efficiency, and timeless textures and surfaces. These custom built items are ideal for the distinguished client on the cutting edge of modern & industrial living, looking to make a statement in a room. Architectural Millworks features our Park Ave, Elluxe, and HEIRLOOM line of finishes that will define the essence of your project.


Architectural Millworks construction is custom built for each project. Making it one-of-a-kind!


Architectural Millworks is built with any material. Wood, MDF, metal? We do it all. At Hansen & Company Woodworks, we monitor trends closely and ensure our line of finishes includes the latest technology & styles in the market.

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