(n.) the series of cabinets built by Hansen & Company Woodworks with our line of Park Ave finishes featuring an authentic touch & real-feel technology, found mostly in loft-style multi-dwellings.


What is Urbanesque?

Urbanesque is our series of custom frameless, full overlay cabinets that combine affordability, efficiency, and timeless textures and surfaces. Ideal for the distinguished client on the cutting edge of modern & industrial living, looking for a loft-style design. Featuring our Park Ave line of finishes on exposed surfaces, you have endless choices of robust woodgrain textures, premium solids, and more to define the essence of your project.


Urbanesque is built for undeniable style with reinforced European frameless construction and full overlay doors. Our locally engineered and made cabinets feature thicker case material than industry standard and quick-adhering dowels, all sealed with a glue line during assembly for superior durability. That means your investment isn’t going anywhere.


Urbanesque is exclusively created with our Park Ave finish line, including TFL, high-gloss acrylic, and finger-print resistant matte.

We work with the leading TFL and manufactured surfaces vendors in the industry to offer endless finish options that deliver both the visual impact you envision for your project and durability. Innovation is integrated in our business; we work hard to explore new and trending door styles that not only dazzle but last.

Door Styles

We strive to offer a variety of door styles for a truly custom experience. Door styles for Urbanesque feature our line of Park Ave manufactured surface finishes including TFL, fingerprint-resistant mattes, and high-gloss acrylics. Our Park Ave finish line is inspired by mindfully crafted landscapes like parks and gardens.

Select door styles can be customized further for your project with mixed materials like glass, metal, mesh, or other materials in center panels.


Inspired by the textured landscape of topmost edge of a mountain, Ridgeline showcases the texture of your selected finish.

Profile: Slab

Construction: Single Piece

HCo Finish Line: Park Ave

Not available in high-gloss acrylic.


Reminiscent of the countryside, Rural is a timeless style inspired by natural variations in elevation.

Profile: Shaker (Flat/Recessed Panel)

Construction: 5-Piece with a reinforced, impenetrable bond

HCo Finish Line: Park Ave

Rural Acres 

Like Rural but with more “acreage”. Rural Acres features wide stiles and rails for bolder impact.

Profile: Shaker (Flat/Recessed Panel)

Construction: 5-Piece with a reinforced, impenetrable bond

HCo Finish Line: Park Ave


Inspired by the visual appeal of forests, Treeline showcases woodgrain direction and textures in an innovative pattern.

Profile: Modified Slab

Construction: 3-Piece with a reinforced, impenetrable bond

HCo Finish Line: Park Ave

Only available in woodgrain finishes.


Like the twinkling lights of the city in the distance, Skyline lets your selected high-gloss acrylic shine.

Profile: Slab

Construction: Single Piece

HCo Finish Line: Park Ave

Only available in high-gloss acrylic.

Why Urbanesque?

Urbanesque is built for distinguished style on the cutting edge of modern and industrial living. Benefits of Urbanesque:

  • Completely customBuild-To-Order means full customization per project by selecting Park Ave (TFL, fingerprint resistant matte, and high-gloss acrylic) finish, door & drawer style, and decorative hardware.
  • Maximize storage spaceBuilt-To-Fit means measuring the specific space the cabinets will be installed in and not wasting precious storage by forcing incremental pre-built cabinets to fit.
  • More accessibility & easier to cleanFull-Access Frameless construction removes obstacles from accessing contents & reduces collection of debris.
  • Stronger construction – Cases constructed with 3/4” thick material and activated dowels reinforce strength that lasts.
  • Modern and seamless look – Full overlay doors & drawers provide an effortlessly timeless appearance.
  • Set up for installation – Pre-assembled (including shelves) and palletized per room improve installation experience and organization.
  • Experience
  • Visual Impact
  • Durability
  • Maintenance
  • Installation

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