INSTALLER & Delivery assistant

/inˈstôlər, ən(d), dəˈliv(ə)rē, əˈsistənt/

(n.) someone who takes on a new challenge every day; using skill, expertise, & coordinated judgment to ensure no product is left behind and is completely delivered or installed beyond expectations.

Ever-Changing/Adapting Environment

Fridays Off! (Four 10-Hour Shifts)

Competitive Wage

PTO & Holiday Pay

401(k) with Company Match

Health Insurance & EAP

Dental Insurance

Vision Insurance

Life Insurance

Short-Term Disability

HSA with Company Contribution

What you’ll do

Load and deliver products, tools, and other requested items efficiently and timely.

Install custom woodworks, casework, architectural millworks, and various countertops including but not limited to laminate, solid surface, and stone.

Be available as a resource to install and production team who need assistance with completing projects.

As we evolve as a company, your responsibilities will continue to evolve; including learning and adapting to software advancements.

The Installer & Delivery Assistant position works directly with the install and production teams to deliver products as needed and assist installation of our custom woodworks and architectural millworks in commercial construction.


    • Punctual, reliable, ability to regularly lift and move 100+ pounds.


    • Interest in a changing environment, learning and gaining new knowledge, job flexibility, not knowing what challenges tomorrow might bring.


    • Self-motivation, works well with others and independently, emulates a positive attitude, provides quality customer service, works productively, thinks critically with complex problem solving and evaluation skills.


    • Ability to multi-task and work well under changing conditions on a variety of projects, working accurately and quickly under pressure, prioritize and work flexibly to meet deadlines.

    bonus points

    • Health card/CDL.
    • Experience with general woodworking, manufacturing, fabrication, construction, or designing.

    the boring stuff

    • Reports To: Project Management Team Lead
    • Benefit Classification: Hourly, Full-time
    • Education/Work Experience: High-school, AA, BA/BS, MA/MS, Ph.D., first-time employee, seasoned expert, entrepreneur? All are encouraged to apply. We’re excited to hear how your education and work experiences were unique and how you excelled! What will make you successful in this role?

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