About Us


About HCo

At Hansen & Company Woodworks, we strongly believe our products can truly transform a space into an immersive experience when created by the best people. And we believe we have the best and most bada** team in Central Minnesota to do just that!

We are a high-tech manufacturer of custom large-volume, build-to-order cabinets, architectural millworks, and so much more serving the commercial construction industry, mostly in the multi-family sector. We help our customers create spaces that feel engaging.

Who We Are

We are technology entrepreneurs, craftspeople, and workers. We blend the advancements of technology with the expertise of design skills to bring the design-intent of architects and interior designers to life. Our team is growth minded, gets **it done, is humble and helpful, takes ownership, and removes stress.

We were a startup that quickly became a leading competitor in the cabinet and architectural millworks industry. We love our team, our clients, our products, and our shop but most of all, we love continuing to learn to bring it all together and strive for a stronger tomorrow.

A rogue of convention, our founder, Adam Hansen, continues to lead the company in unexpected but successful ways. We are leaders in building the most technologically advanced woodworks company in the Midwest, developing relationships and products just as strong and unique along the way.

We’ve grown in both who we are as well as what we do. Our team of innovators continues to encourage us to be our best.

What We Do

We are not just a cabinet shop. We are not even a millworks shop, countertop shop, upholstery shop, or metal shop. We are a custom woodworks organization. We start with raw wood materials and work cohesively as a team to pair those with any finish that complements or completes all works of wood.

We are a complete custom build-to-order manufacturer of cabinets and one-of-a-kind architectural millworks for commercial construction. Everything we make is 100% engineered and manufactured by local experts at our constantly evolving facility in St. Joseph, Minnesota.

Adam and the team are constantly learning about the most innovative technology in the industry and determining how it can provide the best working environment for our team while delivering the best products for our clients.

How We Started

Adam Hansen founded the company in 2004 with little money and little space, but a lot of enthusiasm.

With only $1,500 to start, Adam was able to secure a small loan and moved forward with starting the business. Known then as A-Cab Custom Woodworking, the company started with building fireplace mantles and custom residential cabinetry by traditional skilled trades Adam learned from his father’s own entrepreneurship. The company was named by combining the first initial of Adam’s name, “A”, and the abbreviation for Cabinets, “Cab”: A-Cab Custom Woodworking.

With a simple equipment setup including a table saw, drill press, line drilling machine, primitive hand-fed edgebander, and enough materials to start work.

After the first year, A-Cab Custom Woodworking moved to its current home St. Joseph and continued to grow in size, team, products, services, technology, operations, and business.