DISCOVER Navigate Create


We take the time to understand how you want each space to feel.

Commercial construction plans can change. A lot. We get that. From the very beginning, we work with you to DISCOVER what you’re wanting to create, what the design intent is, and how do we get there.

These milestones & hurdles inevitably lead to conversations about topics such as:

Design intent

Finish colors




Job scope

Drafting plans


Job Schedule

And more!

We’re here to help you every step of the way as we move on to NAVIGATING through all of it.


We provide recommended solutions to help make it happen without compromising intent.

If one thing is constant during commercial construction projects, it’s change. You know this just as much as we do whether it’s:

Prices going up or down

Schedule disruptions

Supplier issues

Shipping costs

Misunderstood design

Lack of communication

And so on it goes.

We listen to help you NAVIGATE through ALL of the changes & obstacles that occur in order to remove stress from you so that you can focus on your next project.


Finally, we ensure what we manufacture is what you expect, or better, and inform you of the progress along the entire project. And you shouldn’t have to go through so many suppliers to create what you’re envisioning. That’s why we manufacture:


Architectural Millworks

Stone Surfaces

Mobile Islands


And more!


Simply put, we create what you want with the intended design, right from the start, reducing time spent working on this project, so you can focus on your next one.